Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Do you think it would be worth the trouble to use both algorithms, and
> then test on the node tag of the first element to decide which one to
> use? (The assumption being lists are homogeneous).

Hard to tell.  Since I haven't seen any evidence that equal() on lists
is a particular hotspot, I'd lean against adding complexity and
maintenance burden here.

> One thing I've been wondering about is whether it would be worth ripping
> out the existing List code wholesale, and replacing it with something
> like the following:

I have already done something much like this in a few hotspots using the
FastList structure.  But notationally, it's a pain in the neck compared
to the existing List code.  If you can think of a way to implement this
without adding a lot of notational cruft, I'd sure be for it.  I'm not
for it if it imposes as much messiness as the FastList approach does...

                        regards, tom lane

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