Neil Conway wrote:
Ok, I've attached new versions of list.c and pg_list.h -- this is just a
*rough sketch* of the new List code -- it definitely won't compile, the
intent is just to concretely specify the new List design. Also, I've
only updated the important list functions: I stopped at nth().

(I've attached the whole files, rather than diffs, because I thought
that would be easier to read...)

Any comments would be welcome -- I'm sure I've mucked a few things up.
Also, since it doesn't compile and I haven't done any testing, there are
probably some thinkos & typos in the code.

On Tue, 2003-11-04 at 11:40, Tom Lane wrote:

Hmm ... taking that one step further, you could probably avoid the need
for two palloc's in the first lcons/lappend if the List header were
combined with the first ListCell.  This would make for some grottiness
in ldelete when removing the first list entry, but that's probably
a good tradeoff.

I haven't implemented this (yet), or the aset.c changes you suggested.

Why instead of reinvent the whell not use, or at least do a "C" port of stl::list ? At my knowledge is the best/optimized list implementation.

And another my wish is too see Postgres compilable with a c++ compiler
so a day we can use ( in a absolutely portable way): vector, list, map already implemented, considering also the fact that all stl container
are "memory allocator" customizable, for example you can use a map using
an allocator in shared memory.

Gaeatano Mendola

PS: My 2 cents: I don't like too much have the lenght inside the list struct.

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