Bruce Momjian wrote:

Yes, I was concerned too that everything was in there.  I checked the logs and found that the only thing not added was the checking
of the max number of connections before checking the max number of
buffers, which I added.  The other stuff was in there.  I also checked
pg_id's recent changes and those were in there too.

Andrew, I assume this was a new implementation of initdb, and not taken
from an older initdb C implementation made by a company.

This isn't really a patch but a C replacement of a critical shell
script so there is reason to double-check things.

Yes, I worked from, not from any other source. It's "all my own work" :-) I think I started with 1.201 and later upgraded to 1.203.

I agree it needs careful checking - the more eyeballs the better.



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