Bruce Momjian wrote:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:

My comments:

I have no problem with shelling out to rmdir - although my goal was to avoid shelling out to anything other than postgres itself. I think recreating the datadir if we didn't create it initially should be OK in that case, and it makes the code simpler. Not handling dot files in the Unix case should also be fine, as we know the directory was empty to start with and we don't create any.

Good. I can do rmdir() in C in port/dirmod.c if we need it. Right now
we are doing system(rm/rmdir) in dbcommands.c so we should consistent. Let's stay with system(rm/rmdir) and if it doesn't work as we expect, we
can add your rmdir() code and put it in port/dirmod.c.

In view of Peter's email of a few minutes ago I think we need to do that.

The changes you made for the final message are not going to work for Windows - if pgpath or pg_data contain spaces we need quotes (even on Unix, although there most people know better than to put spaces in names). Also see above about mixed slashes. Also, putting a \ before pg_data will be nasty if it starts with a drive or network specifier - or even without (you might turn a directory specifier into a network drive specifier). It's just a message, though, and we shouldn't hold up for that - we can patch it to get it right.

I am confused. The only change I made was to have the quotes appear only on WIN32.

        #ifndef WIN32
        #define QUOTE_PATH  ""
        #define QUOTE_PATH  "\""

                  "Success. You can now start the database server using:\n\n"
                  "    %s/postmaster -D %s%s%s\n"
                  "    %s/pg_ctl -D %s%s%s -l logfile start\n\n",
                       pgpath, QUOTE_PATH, pg_data, QUOTE_PATH,
                       pgpath, QUOTE_PATH, pg_data, QUOTE_PATH);

(I also merged multiple \n into a single line.) My logic was that
spaces in directory names are much more common on WIN32, so we should
display the quotes only on WIN32. Perhaps you read "\"" as "\\"?

Yes, I did. Sorry about that. But we also need to quote the path (the most obvious place to put it after all is "C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL"). In fact, that's more important than the data location. Unfortunately, the Windows command processor barfs on multiple quotes strings ;-(



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