* You were using a bare C string as the amname argument in COMMENT ON
OPERATOR CLASS.  This won't do because the parse tree is not a valid
Node structure; copyObject will fail on it.  I inserted makeString()
and strVal() calls to fix it.

BTW, a simple test to detect uncopiable-parsetree problems is to compile
with COPY_PARSE_PLAN_TREES defined.  Doing so revealed that you're not
the only person to have made this mistake lately --- ALTER SEQUENCE is
broken too.


* I made the macros LARGE and OBJECT be LARGE_P and OBJECT_P; they
seemed just a little too ripe for conflicts as-is ...
* The pg_dump code for COMMENT ON OPCLASS pretty obviously had not been
tested :-(

Hrm. Yeah, weird. I think I just forgot, because I learned in this patch that you can't do two of those %s in the append function, and I had fixed it in all the other dumps. *sigh*

The other thing I was concerned about was a bit of code duplication, especially for the comment on opclass function.

Out of interest, I notice you didn't commit my inv_api.c change to delete comments on LOBs - where did you put it instead?


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