Patch applied.  Thanks.


Neil Conway wrote:
> Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Please use names for the replacement routines that are more clear
> > than "fooInternal".  You can get away with that kind of name for a
> > static function, but I think globally visible ones should have more
> > meaningful names.
> The only function I named "fooInternal" was ExecTypeFromTLInternal,
> which is static.
> > For ExecTypeFromTLInternal, maybe use ExecTupDescFromTL, which is a
> > more accurate name in the first place
> What's the logic in having ExecTypeFromTL() and ExecCleanTypeFromTL()
> implemented in terms of a function called ExecTupDescFromTL()? i.e. if
> we're going to be renaming functions, wouldn't it make sense to rename
> the public API functions, not the internal static functions?
> > As for the Slot functions, I agree with getting rid of the macros,
> > which seem to add little except obfuscation.  But I see no need to
> > introduce an extra layer of calls.  Why not make them all go
> > directly to ExecAllocTableSlot(estate->es_tupleTable)?
> Yeah, I was considering that, both ways seemed about equal to me.
> Attached is a revised version of the patch. I've adopted Tom's
> suggestion for the slot functions. For renaming
> ExecTypeFromTLInternal(), I haven't changed the name of the function
> (see my comments above), but if you clarify what you're suggesting, I
> can submit another version of the patch.
> BTW, this code includes the comment:
>  *            Currently there are about 4 different places where we create
>  *            TupleDescriptors.  They should all be merged, or perhaps be
>  *            rewritten to call BuildDesc().
> Aside from the fact that BuildDesc() doesn't exist anymore AFAICS,
> would this still be a reasonable reorganization to make?
> -Neil

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