Let me provide a summary of this patch because I reviewed the first

The patch basically is a slight rearrangement of the code to allow
fork/exec on Unix, with the ultimate goal of doing CreateProcess on
Win32.  The changes are:

        o  Write out postmaster global variables and per-backend
variables to be read by the exec'ed backend

        o  Mark some static variables as global when exec is used so
then can be dumped from postmaster.c, marked NON_EXEC_STATIC

        o  Remove value passing with -p now that we have per-backend

        o  Move some pointer storage out of shared memory for easier

        o  Modified pgsql_temp directory cleanup to handle per-database
directories and the backend exec directory under datadir.

Let me add that Claudio is doing a fantastic job on this.  The changes
are minimal and clean.  I think the writing of a per-backend temp file
has allowed this patch to be smaller than it might have been.


Claudio Natoli wrote:
> This patch is the next step towards (re)allowing fork/exec.
> Bruce, I've cleaned up the parts we discussed, and, pending objections from
> anyone else, it is ready for application to HEAD.
> Cheers,
> Claudio
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