[Thought I replied to this already]

> I am now thinking we have to remove pgsql/data/pgsql_tmp
> unconditionally:
> [snip]
> The reason is that if they stop a postmaster that is 
> fork/exec, install
> a non-exec postmaster, and restart, we should still clear out that
> directory.  I guess what i am saying is that I don't want to tie the
> directory format to the exec() case of the binary.

Could do. On the other hand, it is a directory for a small number (usually
zero) of tmp files.

More pertitently, is *anyone* even going to use fork/exec? Whilst there is
no reason (yet) why someone couldn't, other than for development, why would
anyone want to? I've only really been seeing it as a stepping stone to
pushing the Win32 port out...


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