Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > This patch uses current_schemas('true') to display only the schemas in
> > the current search path and implicit schemas.
> The more I look at this, the sillier it looks.  It converts \dn into
> an expensive substitute for "select current_schemas(true)".  In
> practical situations this will mean that \dn shows hardly anything of
> interest.
> I think the original complaint was misguided and we should not do
> anything about it.  IIRC the complaint amounted to "I have hundreds of
> schemas and it annoys me that \dn shows them all".  How is this
> different from putting hundreds of tables into one schema and then being
> annoyed because \dt shows them all?  We have other mechanisms available
> for making \dn selective (ie, you can use a name pattern).  If \dn is
> restricted to showing only schemas in your search path, it will become
> useless.

Agreed showing just search path and implicit schemas is pretty dumb.  I
think the issue was that every backend with a temp table was showing up,
pretty much swamping the actual schemas he is using.  The original
approach was to supress all temp schemas _except_ the ones already
visible, but was a hack using backend id.  The patch could easily be
modified to use current_schemas to restrict temp table display if people
think it is a good idea.

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