> > so that's what I did, but I think now I have to add a test so only
> > non-visible temp schemas are suppressed,
> You are complicating something that could be simple.  Why not just
> suppress schemas named 'pg_temp_XXX', period?

Because that's what I originally did and you shot it down as a bad
patch because you thought it wasn't in PostgreSQL's interest to filter
what we showed the user.  

"What have you got against pg_temp?  If we think \dn shouldn't show those
schemas, shouldn't it suppress *all* system schemas, including
pg_catalog and pg_toast?  Maybe information_schema as well?"

I'm glad to see you've come around on this given temp structures show
up regardless of the temp schema (which is, as you point out, an
implementation detail that users need not concern themselves with).



Sean Chittenden

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