Zach Irmen said:
> "Tom Lane" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> What happens if getenv("HOME") returns NULL?
> Yeah, the strdup fails. I'll take it out to fix that.
>> You also need to think about Windows
> Can I just ifndef WIN32 and not think about it? I'm not sure how that
> would work either.

If we are going to have a Windows port I don't think we should treat it as
a poor cousin.

This information is easily discoverable on MSDN in 5 minutes. The answer
is that you need to call NetUserGetInfo at level 11 to get a user's home
directory. See and

(Thinks: using this requires linking with NetAPI32.dll - is that a legal
or practical problem for us?)

Also, I strongly recommend that the name be canonicalised - see initdb.c
for an example. Doing this reduces platform-specific code a lot. Windows
is quite able to handle filenames with a forward slash.

(Thinks again: when we have WIN32 done we need to trawl through the code
to try to abstract out as much as possible, so that people who
don't/won't/can't do Windows specific code won't have to bother.)



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