"Andrew Dunstan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Zach Irmen said:
> > Can I just ifndef WIN32 and not think about it? I'm not sure how that
> > would work either.
> >
> If we are going to have a Windows port I don't think we should treat it as
> a poor cousin.

I guess I was thinking more about if it should be done as opposed to how it
would be done. On the one hand, I think '~' by itself has no meaning in a
normal Windows environment, so why should psql on Windows give it one? The
readline library on unix, which can be used by psql, interprets the tilde
and is the big reason why psql on unix should interpret the tilde as well.
On the other hand however, I can see consistency being important in that
giving '~' a meaning in psql should give it the same meaning regardless of

Zach Irmen

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