> > I think the original complaint was misguided and we should not do
> > anything about it.  IIRC the complaint amounted to "I have
> > hundreds of schemas and it annoys me that \dn shows them all".
> > How is this different from putting hundreds of tables into one
> > schema and then being annoyed because \dt shows them all?  We have
> > other mechanisms available for making \dn selective (ie, you can
> > use a name pattern).  If \dn is restricted to showing only schemas
> > in your search path, it will become useless.
> I completely agree.  It's like saying that \l should only show
> databases you are currently connected to...

For the record and if Tom was referring to me, the example I gave was
to have \dn show all schemas that you have any permissions for, not
that were in the search path.  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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