>> Here is an updated version of the win32 readdir patch.
>> 1) Now puts in exactly the same change as the current-cvs mingw code
>> does. (see
>> 1.3&r2=3D1.4, second part of the patch).

> I don't really agree with cluttering our code with temporary
>for a mingw bug.

Fine by me, as long as we still keep it on the win32 page. It *is*
required to build on win32 (or rather - not to build, but if you build
without it, you will get a runtime failure). 

AFAIK we have no idea when the new mingw will actually be out, but if
it's out before the postgresql version with win32, then we're fine
without it. If not, we can discuss at that time if we want it
temporarily applied or keep it as a temporary patch (since it might at
that point make a big difference for people downloading the distro and
thinking it would work out of the box).


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