Magnus Hagander wrote:
> >> Here is an updated version of the win32 readdir patch.
> >
> >> 1) Now puts in exactly the same change as the current-cvs mingw code
> >> does. (see
> >> 
> >>
> ent.c?r1=3D
> >> 1.3&r2=3D1.4, second part of the patch).
> > I don't really agree with cluttering our code with temporary
> workarounds
> >for a mingw bug.
> Fine by me, as long as we still keep it on the win32 page. It *is*
> required to build on win32 (or rather - not to build, but if you build
> without it, you will get a runtime failure). 
> AFAIK we have no idea when the new mingw will actually be out, but if
> it's out before the postgresql version with win32, then we're fine
> without it. If not, we can discuss at that time if we want it
> temporarily applied or keep it as a temporary patch (since it might at
> that point make a big difference for people downloading the distro and
> thinking it would work out of the box).

I suggest we apply the patch, and add a TODO to remove it once we get an
MinGW update that fixes it.

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