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Jan Wieck wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:

> Fabien COELHO <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Most of the patch deals with the documentation, which is rather ugly
>> because it keeps telling about "INSTEAD" vs "non-INSTEAD" rules, as there
>> is no name for the default behavior. I think "ALSO" fixes this issue as it
>> clarifies the explanations.
> > Hmm ... I find that argument much more convincing than any of the others
> ...
> > Jan, what do you think? You invented this command's syntax IIRC.

I did not. We inherited it from Postgres 4.2. If people think an ALSO keyword will clearify things, what about renaming the whole CREATE RULE into something along the line CREATE QUERY REWRITE MACRO?

Are you saying you don't want ALSO added?

No, I am saying that CREATE RULE is so often misinterpreted to work like a trigger and when we explain that it is more like Macro expansion before the query is executed they understand better. CREATE RULE itself is just vague, with or without ALSO.


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