> >What I am wondering about now, is where else we need to change? AFAICS,
> >there is (at least?) one signal handler that performs sockets 
> >ops, namely Async_NotifyHandler.
> Actually, I don't think we need to do anything about that one. This
> signal handler is used in the backend (not postmaster), and the backend
> never calls selcet(). The other calls (recv, send etc) return correct
> return values even when a socket call is made in the APC, I'm fairly
> certain.

Not so sure. The reason I brought this up was because I tried the same test
(as I wrote before using select()) with recv(), and it returns -1 when
interrupted by an APC, which is ok, but errno is 0, and WSA/GetLastError
returns 997 (ERROR_IO_PENDING). [EINTR or WSAEINTR would have been nice].
Presumably send() also misbehaves.

Seems like it might actually be something to consider.


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