Claudio Natoli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Supplement to previous win32 patch for dfmgr. Win32 replacement for
> configure time constants like PKGLIBDIR.

This is exactly the sort of cruft I was hoping we would not get saddled
with by a Windows port.

If the problem is that we need PKGLIBDIR not to be frozen at compile
time, then let's fix the problem for everybody, not add a pile of
undocumented #ifdef WIN32 hacks.  (And it is a problem for everybody;
see for example
which boils down to the complaint that pkglibdir shouldn't be frozen
by configure.  The RPM packagers would also be happier if they could
make relocatable RPMs of Postgres.)

Every "#ifdef WIN32" I see reduces my opinion of the quality of work
being done for this port.

                        regards, tom lane

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