> I'm not expecting to see zero ifdefs --- certainly not in the port
> modules ;-).  But Bruce's search, further up in the thread, showed that
> #ifdef WIN32's are sneaking into a lot of modules that probably
> shouldn't have any platform dependencies.  

For the most part, I disagree (in fact, I was surprised to see how few there
were). The bulk come from include, bin, interfaces, port... with almost all
of the first three hits of these existing prior to the port. 

With regards to the backend files, a healthy number of these are
pre-existing, or exist only to include/exclude header files + struct
members, or simply avoid things that are unix specific.

I recall a few potential culprits lurking in pgstat + postmaster (like the
pipe() + win32_fork, which could be shipped off to /port), but nothing that
would substantially impact the number of #ifdefs.

> I don't think that's a good sign.  We should be working to keep 
> those dependencies localized.

On this, I agree, and if you can point me towards any that you find
particularly obnoxious (on-list or otherwise), I'll gladly fix them.

>From my POV, the WIN32 specific areas should be clear and obvious, and
present no great maintenance challenge. This attitude, however, does not
extend to some of the EXEC_BACKEND areas, but this is also where we are
obviously the most hamstrung. As you probably remember, I've already
undertaken to refactor this section of the backend startup code when the
dust settles, but some degree of pain will be had here for as long as we
choose to support platforms without fork().


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