Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> >>I think I'd prefer that to having it tied to the log_min_error_statement 
> >>level. But I don't care that much.
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >OK, at least we understand each other.  Right now we don't have any
> >special "syntax error" log processing.  We have errors logged through
> >log_min_error_statement, and mod/ddl through the new log_statement.
> >
> >I can see a use case for having mod/ddl control of logging, and error
> >control of logging, but why would you want to see syntax error queries
> >but not other error queries?  That's why I think log_min_error_statement
> >is sufficient.  If we add syntax logging,Thinks  wouldn't that conflict with
> >log_min_error_statement logging, because those are errors too.  Maybe we
> >need to add a 'synax' mode to log_min_error_statement above error that
> >logs only syntax errors but not others.
> >
> >  
> >
> Thinks .... experiments .... yes, OK, I agree. Please forgive any 
> denseness. Not sure if we need another level.

No problem.  It is good to think through these things to make sure we
have everything covered.

> Why do we have log_min_error_statement default to PANIC level? Wouldn't 
> ERROR be a better default?

Panic basically means off, meaning we don't print queries that generate
errors.  Should we print them by default?

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