Bruce Momjian wrote:

Prior to 7.2, a multi-character delimiter could be specified, but only
the first character was used.  7.2 release notes state:

* COPY DELIMITERS string must be exactly one character (Tom)

I am a little worried about multibyte too, as you mentioned.

I am not sure that CSVs even make sense in a multibyte world. If not, it would make sense to disable it in such a case.

(Is that your only worry?)

Yes, my worry is that someone will use a multibyte character that the system sees as several bytes and enters CSV mode.

How about if we specify it explicitly, like BINARY, instead of it being implied by the length of DELIMITER?


That would make the patch somewhat more extensive, but maybe not hugely more invasive (I tried to keep it as uninvasive as possible). I could do that, I think.



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