Bruce Momjian said:
>> >Yes, my worry is that someone will use a multibyte character that the
>> >system sees as several bytes and enters CSV mode.
>> >
>> How about if we specify it explicitly, like BINARY, instead of it
>> being  implied by the length of DELIMITER?
>> COPY a FROM stdin CSV DELIMITER ',"';
>> That would make the patch somewhat more extensive, but maybe not
>> hugely  more invasive (I tried to keep it as uninvasive as possible).
>> I could do  that, I think.
> That's what I was wondering.  Is triggering CSV for multi-character
> delimiters a little too clever?  This reminds me of the use of LIMIT
> X,Y with no indication which is limit and which is offset.
> We certainly could code to prevent the multibyte problem I mentioned,
> but should we?

I confess that in my anglocentric world I have remained lamentably
ignorant of how MBCS works. Just reading up a little, and looking over
some of our code (e.g. the scanner) it looks like the simple solution
would be to check that the delimiter was 8-bit clean. (I assume that ASCII
is a subset of every MBCS we support - is that correct?)

However ...

> I am thinking just:
>> COPY a FROM stdin WITH CSV ',"';
> or
> EQUOTE for embedded quote.  These are used in very limited situations
> and don't have to be reserved words or anything.
> I can help with these changes if folks like them.

I prefer either the first, because it ensures things are specified

If you want to do that I will work on some regression tests.



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