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Where does it leave the "ptr" pointing to?

$ ./test3
ptr=8049682, points to N
ptr=8049686, points to f

Indeed, they found an original new way to get it wrong. Please point out to them that the ptr is supposed to be advanced *past* the input. Not to the last character of the input.

Reported to my SCO contacts. However, I guarantee this won't be fixed in 7.1.4 (the next release), as it just went Gold.

Also, I suspect 7.1.3 and below have the bug, and are prevalent.

And, I just proved it on my 7.1.2 (AKA OpenUNIX 8.0.0) system:

$ cc -O -o test3 test3.c
$ ./test3
ptr=8049682, points to N
ptr=8049686, points to f
$ uname -a
OpenUNIX lerlsof 5 8.0.0 i386 x86at Caldera UNIX_SVR5

regards, tom lane

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