Larry Rosenman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Reply from SCO:

> Indeed.  For "inf", "infinity", and "nan", but not
> "nan(digits)", the pointer is left at the trailing
> matched character instead of the next.

> Moreover, checking our source history, it has been
> broken this way for nearly 12 years.  Couldn't you
> folks have noticed this bug a little sooner!?  :-)

Doesn't give one a warm feeling for the average level of error checking
in Unix programs, does it?

> I gather from this that it will be fixed in the first maint packs
> for 7.1.4.

Good.  I'd say we just leave it for that then.

>    Is there some way we can work around this?

I don't want to, because it would compromise the error checking.
For instance, if we hack the code to accept this behavior, then
it would also accept "NaNN" as soon as SCO fixes their bug.

The regression tests exist to discover platform bugs as well as
Postgres bugs.  In this case, I think having them fail on unpatched
SCO platforms is exactly what should happen.

If you want, you can send in a docs patch for FAQ_SCO to give
people a clue about it.

                        regards, tom lane

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