I said:
> Peter Eisentraut said:
>> Andrew Dunstan wrote:
>>> This patch for configure.in detects the link failures in MINGW that I
>>> and others have seen and warns the user they have to fix it up.
>> I continue to object to these sort of patches if no one wants to
>> bother
>>  to contact the mingw maintainers about this problem.  Maybe they have
>> a  better fix available?
> I have already said I would follow it up. But the problem exists today
> and shouldn't be left until we get an answer. Maybe it will take a week
> or a month, or there will be no good answer at all.

It appears that Dann Corbit has filed a MinGW bug on this, with accurate
problem description, but he received a less than stellar response. See


(Despite previous speculation, he did indicate that the problem is
intermittent, not constant).



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