On Sunday 02 May 2004 11:22, Fabien COELHO wrote:
> Dear patchers,
> please find attached my second patch submission for adding
> new aggregate functions:
> (1) boolean-and and boolean-or aggregates named bool_and and bool_or.
>     they should correspond to standard sql every and some/any aggregates.
>     they do not have the right name as there is a problem with
>     the standard and the parser for some/any. Tom also think that
>     the standard name is misleading because NULL are ignored.
> (2) bitwise integer aggregates named bit_and and bit_or for
>     int2, int4, int8 and bit types. They are not standard, but I find
>     them useful. I needed them once, and I'm not the first one to look for
>     them.
> The patches adds:
> - 2 new very short strict functions for boolean aggregates in
>   src/backed/utils/adt/bool.c,
>   src/include/utils/builtins.h and src/include/catalog/pg_proc.h
> - the new aggregates declared in src/include/catalog/pg_proc.h and
>   src/include/catalog/pg_aggregate.h
> - some documentation and validation about these new aggregates.
> It also updates the catalog version. It validates for me.
> Have a nice day,

Just a minor nibble, but could you add something to the documentation entries 
that these are postgresql implementation of the sql any/some/every aggregate 
functions.  right now we have whole pages devoted to any/some for subqueries 
and arrays, I'd like to give people looking for the sql spec aggregate 
functions at least a chance of finding these.

Robert Treat
Build A Brighter Lamp :: Linux Apache {middleware} PostgreSQL

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