On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 02:59, Fabien COELHO wrote:
> Dear Robert,
> > > (1) boolean-and and boolean-or aggregates named bool_and and bool_or.
> > >     they should correspond to standard sql every and some/any aggregates.
> >
> > Just a minor nibble, but could you add something to the documentation
> > entries that these are postgresql implementation of the sql
> > any/some/every aggregate functions.
> Yep, that can be done.
> > right now we have whole pages devoted to any/some for subqueries and
> > arrays, I'd like to give people looking for the sql spec aggregate
> > functions at least a chance of finding these.
> Do you mean one or both of the following?
>  - add a note in the aggregate doc that they correspond to
>    EVERY and SOME/ANY standard aggregates.

I meant this one. 

>  - add a note somewhere else, maybe in the doc about arrays or subqueries,
>    that there are also aggregates with a non standard name.
>    if so, where precisely should it be put?

It seems that might be a little intrusive wouldn't it?  If we can make
sure the aggregate functions page gets picked up in the index entry for
any/some I think that would be appropriate. 

Thanks for your efforts.

Robert Treat
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