Dear Alvaro,

> > (2) bitwise integer aggregates named bit_and and bit_or for
> >     int2, int4, int8 and bit types. They are not standard,
> >     however they exist in other db (eg mysql), and I needed them
> >     for some other stuff.
> I'm sure people won't like to add functions just because "some other DB
> has them".

I develop them because I NEEDED them, NOT because they are available
in mysql and I would want compatibility. I needed them for some queries
over pg_catalog, as acl are encoded as bitfields.

So the addition is about functionnality, not compatibility.

The argument about mysql is rather to show that other people in the world
found these functions also useful, and to justify the name I chose.

You may also notice that the impact in close to void, there are two lines
added for each of these bit_* functions. I'm not going to develop an
external package for 16 lines of code.

Fabien Coelho - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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