Dear Jan,

> > You may also notice that the impact in close to void, there are two lines
> > added for each of these bit_* functions. I'm not going to develop an
> > external package for 16 lines of code.
> Maybe I'm missing something, but what is wrong with installing these
> functions on demand as user defined functions? After all, even PL/pgSQL
> is still an external package ... sort of at least.

By external, I mean with a separate distribution, which is the result if
the addition is rejected. I could try to submit to contrib, but the
current status is that part is that it should be "reduced" or even
disappear, so I'm no that confident that it would be accepted either.

If you are a user and you need a bit_*, then you look in the doc. In the
aggregate function documentation, you'll find no such function, so then
you turn to the "how to add an aggregate function". Things there are very
interesting, but it is a little bit overshot for a simple basic aggregate.

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