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Peter Eisentraut wrote:
| Andrew Hammond wrote:
|>There was recently a huge thread in hackers about the value of making
|>postgres easier to install and use. I think this script makes
|>postgres easier to use for those of us who can't use syslog.
| So you're replacing
| pg_ctl | rotatelogs
| which everyone learns in his first hour of using Unix, by some arbitary
| command-line option that people are going to have to learn.

No, pg_ctl | rotatelogs will still work as well as it did before.
However, for those people who don't _know_ about rotatelogs and are
reading the manual page for pg_ctl, the -r option will point them in the
correct dirrection. On a related note,

pg_ctl > $log_file

has already been replaced by the the arbitrary -l command-line option.
Clearly somebody thought there was some value to be had there and I see
the same sort of value for the -r option.

| Next week, we'll see four or five additional patches to add support
| for all the other log rotation programs.

Personally, I'd see this as a good thing since it helps people try
different tools and pick the one that's right for them. However I doubt
it will happen since the other log rotation tools work differently.
pg_ctl simply doesn't make sense as a place to integrate them.

| Soon, we'll run out of logical option letters.  How does that improve

I thought that was the definition of "feature complete". :)

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