> > > so it has to be earlier.  I can put it much earlier in 
> both postgres 
> > > and postmaster, but by having it in main.c, I have it in only one 
> > > place.  It doesn't do any palloc or anything fancy, because of 
> > > course it is also used by client apps.
> > 
> > > Patch attached and applied.
> > 
> > And tested?  I didn't say that I thought elog would work in main.c.
> > In fact I'm pretty certain it won't.
> Compiles/regression tests pass.  
> This is why I removed elog in the first place, because I 
> thought it wouldn't work up higher before the guc load, but 
> you said it would use the default.  Are you saying it only 
> works after guc is loaded?  Seems we have a chicken and egg 
> thing here.  I think the guc load needs the default timezone, 
> and for that we need the exec path so we can find share.

No for the timezone. GUC loads first, then the default timezone is set
only if one is not explicitly set in GUC (this is with the
not-yet-applied code coming up).


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