> The purpose of this patch is to fix an error when 
> log_destination is set to 'eventlog' value in postgresql.conf files.

Looks good to me, just a couple of tiny things:


> After discussion on win32 mailing list, I suggest to store 
> source under src/bin/pg_event

I assume you mean src/bin/pgevent, to be consistent with the naming used
inside the program.

Second, I'd register the source as "PostgreSQL", not "PostGreSQL". I
don't think the "captital-G" is generally used, and it's specifically
NOT what the backend uses. Sure, the key reading process is
case-insensitive today, but it's still a good idea to keep things
consistent :-)

(Actually, this goes for the error msgs as well)

Finally, I'd also move the GetModuleFilename() call to before
RegCreateKey(). In the (very rare) case that it would fail, you don't
want to alerady have created the registry key.


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