> Would you send me documentation explaining how to register this DLL with
> the event logger on Win32?  Ideally you could send me a diff against
> installation.sgml.

Hello Bruce,

After the DLL was in it target directory (C:\msys\1.0\local\pgsql\lib with
make install)

You can register the DLL to windows event log with the command

Regsvr32 pgevent.dll or regsvr32 /s pgevent.dll whish is a silent mode.

To uninstall, regsvr32 /u pgevent.dll will delete key add by the DLL in
Windows registry.

The DLL create the following entry:

ostgreSQL] with two values :

EventMessageFile wish contains full path of DLL

TypesSupported : error type message send by postgresql

Regsvr32 is a standard program located in %systemroot%\system32


Laurent Ballester

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