>> Here is what I think happened (this might be a bug, might not):  Each
>> night I run initdb but I use a special postgresql.conf which is
>> optimized for quick data loading.  This is copied over the 
>default one
>> after the server is started.  This contains the locale 
>information which
>> is 'initialized by initdb'.  These were still 'C' because 
>this file was
>> generated before the default locale was changed.  psql shows this
>> information when you ask it for the locale info even if it is
>> incorrect.
>I don't believe this for a minute.  lc_ctype and lc_collate can *not*
>be set from postgresql.conf.  Try it.

It certainly doesn't. There still was a bug with the locale stuff,
though - the GUC variable was not set in the child processes. So "show
lc_collate" would *always* return "C", for example. attached patch fixes


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