Patch applied.  Thanks.


Magnus Hagander wrote:
> >> It certainly doesn't. There still was a bug with the locale stuff,
> >> though - the GUC variable was not set in the child 
> >processes. So "show
> >> lc_collate" would *always* return "C", for example. attached 
> >patch fixes
> >> this.
> >
> >Hm.  Why were these vars not propagated by the regular 
> >mechanism for GUC
> >variables (write_nondefault_variables or whatever it's called)?  If the
> >problem is that it's not accepting PGC_INTERNAL values, then we need to
> >fix it there not here, because otherwise we'll have to pass all the
> >PGC_INTERNAL variables through the backend_variables file, which seems
> >like a recipe for more of the same sort of bug.
> Good point :-(
> I think the problem is not only that it specifically does not deal with
> PGC_INTERNAL variables. The problem is in the fact that
> write_nondefault_variables is called *before* the locale is read
> (because the locale is read from pg_control and not from any of the
> "usual" ways to read it).
> Attached patch is another stab at fixing it. It makes postmaster dump a
> new copy of the file once it has started the database (before it accepts
> any connections), which is when it will know about these parameters.
> Also updates the reading code to set the context to the one where the
> variable was originally set (PGC_POSTMASTER won't work for PGC_INTERNAL,
> and the other way around).
> We still pass lc_collate through the special file, because
> set_config_option on lc_collate will speficially *not* call setlocale(),
> and we need that call. But we no longer call set_config_option from
> there.
> //Magnus

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