>> If you mean only run one instance of postmaster as service, 
>> that's not true.
>> If you like two pgsql servers (i.e. db clusters), you can 
>> install two services, both using the same binary with 
>> different cmd line arguments.
>In which case, what would 'net stop postgresql' do? What you suggest is
>correct if using something like the Cygwin service installer 
>because you
>can specify unique service names etc. AFAIK there are no plans to allow
>such configurability in PostgreSQL - nor is that something you see in
>most other services.

'net stop postgresql' would stop the instance named 'postgresql'.
'net stop someotherpostgresql' would stop the instance named

It hasn't been discussed, but it would be fairly trivial to add this to
the service installer. (A bit more work on the MSI installer, but we
could do with that one just installing the default instance at least for

At least I don't htink it's in what Claudio has so far - Claudio? Lots
of work to get into your framework?

And FWIW, that's exactly what Microsoft SQL Server does when you install
multiple instances on the same machine.


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