>>>It hasn't been discussed, but it would be fairly trivial to
>>>add this to the service installer. (A bit more work on the MSI
>>>installer, but we could do with that one just installing the
>>>default instance at least for starters).
>> Correcting myself on this one - the MSI installer already supports
>> instaling under any name you want. Only one, but you can 
>pick the name
>> (default being "postgresql <version>").
>> Since the service code is not in th ebackend yet, you can't actually
>> install this, but the interface is there and ready.
>I have often seen multiple instances of a service under different names
>(think of srvany from the Resources Toolkit).
>I agree that the serice name should be configurable.
>Will the installer have a set of options? e.g.
>. install binaries
>. initdb
>. install/configure service?


>If so, maybe you could just run it again, missing out the 
>install binaries
>step, to create another service instance.

Well, ATM it will detect that it's already installed, and offer to
remove the program.

But that can be changed to allow just this, yes. What it will not allow
(per MSI specs AFAIK) is to install the same version in different
places. But it can still install multiple services calling the same
postmaster.exe with different arguments. I think :-)


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