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> Claudio Natoli
> Sent: 16 June 2004 14:49
> Subject: [PATCHES] pg_ctl service integration for WIN32
> Here's a rough first cut, close to application state but not 
> a finished work.
> Might be pushed for time over the next week, so if there are 
> major criticisms it might need someone else to pick this up 
> in the short term.
> I'll happily redo any minor bits.
> Comments?

Looks OK to me at a quick glance. One thought though, whilst I like the
idea of using service pause to do a SIGHUP from a convenience point of
view, it's not exactly the expected behaviour and might leave the
inexperienced user wondering why the server is still running normally.
I'm on the fence regarding which way to to go with that though...

Regards, Dave

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