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> Subject: RE: [PATCHES] pg_ctl service integration for WIN32
> Dave Page writes:
> > Looks OK to me at a quick glance. One thought though, whilst I like 
> > the idea of using service pause to do a SIGHUP from a convenience 
> > point of view, it's not exactly the expected behaviour and 
> might leave 
> > the inexperienced user wondering why the server is still 
> running normally.
> > I'm on the fence regarding which way to to go with that though...
> Likewise, I have no strong feelings either way. Apparently it 
> is an accepted paradigm.

Fair enough - in which case let's keep it and document it someplace.
It'll definitely be handy for those that know about it.

> Subconsciously, I must be against it, as I failed to pass a 
> flag to enable the Pause/SIGHUP operation. :-)


Regards, Dave.

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