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> Subject: Re: [PATCHES] eventlog fix 
> Hm, that is a lot ... but wouldn't the sort of people 
> interested in hacking PG on Windows likely already have it?
> If you think not, I'll withdraw my objection to keeping the 
> .BIN in CVS, but I'm just wondering whether we're worrying 
> about something that hackers would have anyway.

I have mc.exe, but only because I have paid for Visual Studio. I don't
have the platform SDK installed, however I cannot honestly say whether
or not I would have it if I didn't have VS. I would include the file in
CVS if it were my choice - it's clearly a pain to download the compiler
if you don't have it, and the file is unlikely to need updating in the
future - it was designed to be a generic DLL that just formats any
message as '%s'.

Regards Dave.

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