There is also this message compiler - I have no idea of the quality:

I believe the WINE project also has one.

Putting the .bin file in CVS doesn't seem too horrible to me.



Magnus Hagander wrote:

We require the MS "MC" compiler to build the BIN file (note - this is
not C - this is the "Message Compiler"). The Ccode should compile fine
in mingw.

Not requiring it is the reason we'd include the .BIN file in CVS. MC is
only needed to *rebuild* it.


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Woh, we aren't requring MS C to compile this feature. Can't it be created by mingw? If not, I don't see what value an MS C compile is going to do for us.


Laurent Ballester wrote:


I just looking under CVS web interface what is stored in

pgevent directory

and what is missing.

The files attached with this mail have to be stored in

pgevent directory.

MSG000001.bin is a bin files, result of Microsoft MC

compiler. MC compiler

can be downloaded for free with MS Core SDK but it is not

included with MSYS

tools and I didn't find a alternative way to compile MC file.

To summarize MC command generates pgmsgevent.h


and MSG00001.bin files.
In MC file, we declare a string with %s format, so we can

write anything we

want in the future without need to change the definition of

this string.

To finish, because DllUnregisterServer and DllRegisterServer

are system

defined entry point, we need to export these two functions

with their names

without "decoration", so we cannot uses auto generated .def

files without

handy modifications.

Laurent Ballester

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Subject: Re: [PATCHES] eventlog fix

OK, I have created the following diff to document the pgevent
installation instructions. However, you didn't send me a

Makefile for

creating the DLL, and I am not sure how to do that. Would

you send me a

`Makefile for src/bin/pgevent?  Thanks.

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