Dave Page wrote:
> OK, looks like the error below is a Win32 thing. The patch attached
> #ifdef'd out the permissions check on the private key file as it won't
> work under Windows anyway (a similar check in postmaster.c has has
> already been ifdef'd out for the same reason).
> Incidently, the consts are also used in initdb.c where they work just
> fine - can't seem to figure out where it gets them from though (must
> missing something). Normally they're in sys/stat.h, but not in mingw
> (where they can only be found in glibc/sys/stat.h). Magnus also
> mentioned to me that Merlin's snapshots are building fine without this
> patch - dunno if he has a different version of sys/stat.h...
> Anyway, regardless of that I think the patch is relevant.

I had made the same changes as you to be_secure...(actually, I recently
stopped doing that, I need to update the snapshot info page).  The real
problem is that the SSL based connection does not receive signals while
waiting on select() like the regular connection does.  IMO, the SSL
patch should not be applied until this has been resolved.


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