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> From: Merlin Moncure [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Sent: 21 June 2004 15:40
> To: Dave Page
> Subject: RE: [HACKERS] Compile failure with SSL
> I had made the same changes as you to be_secure...(actually, 
> I recently stopped doing that, I need to update the snapshot 
> info page).  The real problem is that the SSL based 
> connection does not receive signals while waiting on select() 
> like the regular connection does.  IMO, the SSL patch should 
> not be applied until this has been resolved.

Urrgghh - no ssl support on Windows :-(. I assume this is not a trivial
thing to fix?

I'm not sure I agree with leaving the patch off though - leaving the
code intentionally broken is not a nice way to disable an unsupported
feature, especially when the patch has nothing to do with the reasons
for not including said feature.

Regards, Dave

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