Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Doh! Very bogus! sizeof(int)and a malloc to boot ???

I didn't check the trigger code much because it has supposedly been working
for quite a while. I will examine more closely.

Well, essentially 4 bytes (sizeof(int)) were being allocated to print a two byte interger that can never be greater than two characters ("32"), so I don't expect it would have ever failed, but only by serendipity.

Shouldn't that look more like this?

+         plval = plperl_get_elem(hvNew, platt);

+         if (plval)
+         {
+             modvalues[j] = FunctionCall3(&finfo,
+                   CStringGetDatum(plval),
+                   ObjectIdGetDatum(typelem),
+                   Int32GetDatum(tupdesc->attrs[atti]->atttypmod)); +
          modnulls[j] = ' ';
+         }
+         else
+         {
+             modvalues[i] = (Datum) 0;
+             modnulls[j] = 'n';
+         }

Yes, except that that [i] looks wrong too. Surely it should be [j]. And with this change decl of src appears redundant.

Hmmm, I missed that -- looks wrong to me too. I'll check it out.

I will do some checking on these changes, but with those caveats they look
good to me.

Do you need a revised patch?

Nah, I'll make the changes and post a revised patch for you to comment on prior to committing.


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