FYI, I am out of town from Friday 7/2 till Monday evening 7/5.  I
probably won't have email while I'm gone.  I will continue working on
this when I get back.

Also, I have made a few minor tweaks since submitting this patch namely
changing autovac_enabled to default to false.  I am also trying to use a
GUC assign hook function to require pgstat_collect_tuplelevel = true
when autovac_enabled = true.  The problem I'm running into is that the
hook function seems to be getting called before the pgstat variables is
set, thus the hook complains even when pgstat_collect_tuplelevel is set
to true.  Is there someway to force the order in which variables are
read from GUC?



On Tue, 2004-06-29 at 10:44, Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
> I have make the changes suggested after I posted my last patch, I have
> also make several additional improvements.  it needs to be tested more,
> but since the deadline is coming up so soon, I wanted to post an update
> just to keep everyone abreast of what I'm doing. Please review and let
> me know what I need to change to get it applied to CVS. 
> As before, this patch requires that pg_autovacuum.c and .h are moved
> from contrib to src/backend/postmaster and src/include/postmaster
> respectively. I have also attached the pg_autovacuum.h file that needs
> to be put in src/include/catelog/ for the new pg_autovacuum system
> table.
> I assume I will have to write the docs for this, but right now I'm
> focusing on the code, I get get the docs written after the feature
> freeze.   
> Matthew O'Connor
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