Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
> I think it's ready to apply barring any feedback to the contrary.
> Actually I do have a small improvement I will send in tomorrow (sorry
> can't do it any sooner) that defaulted autovac_enabled to false, and
> makes autovac fail more gracefully when the stats system is not
> enabled, but that shouldn't stop you from applying this patch.

A nitpick on that parameter name:  There is not reason to abbreviate 
"autovacuum": there is enough space.  And the "_enabled" is redundant.

> The thing I was trying to do was use the GUC hook function to make
> sure that the required GUC variables are also set before GUC reports
> autovac as enabled.  This seemed cleaner to me, but apparently it
> won't work since it seems that autovac_enabled is read from GUC
> before the stats variables, and there is no way to force the order in
> which they are read.  Am I missing something?

What I am missing at least is what you really mean by "the required GUC 
variables are also set".  GUC variables are always set to something (at 
least after the initialization phase, but you don't get to do anything 
with GUC before the initialization, obviously).

Peter Eisentraut

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