Joe Conway wrote:

Attached is the patch I plan to apply. There are a couple of changes from what was posted.

1) You must have meant tablespace instead of namespace here:
+ <row>
+ <entry><literal><function>pg_tablespace_databases</function>(<parameter>namespace_oid</parameter>)</literal></entry>

+ <entry><type>setof oid</type></entry>

Of course. I just call everything namespace :-)

2) This allocation size was a bit ambigous and I think based on a once longer tablespace directory name:
+ fctx->location = (char*)palloc(strlen(DataDir)+16+10+1);

This size calculation originated (copy/paste) from commands/tablespace.c, should be clarified there too (and "pg_tblspc" is hardcoded in strings, could be extracted to a macro definition).


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