I got a new idea on this.  I think we should add an initdb option that
takes a string to specify the local authentication method:

        initdb --localauth 'ident'

or whatever the user wants.  I think this is more flexible and more
compact.  It would default to 'trust', and the packagers could set it to
whatever they want.  If their OS supports local ident, they can use

Also keep in mind you might want some ident map file:

        initdb --localauth 'ident mymap'

so you would need to allow multiple words in the string.


Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Here's a version of this patch that includes documentation updates.
> //Magnus
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> >From: Magnus Hagander 
> >Sent: den 15 juli 2004 23:02
> >Subject: [PATCHES] initdb authentication
> >
> >
> >Ok, here is one more try at the initdb default authentication stuff.
> >This one adds the switches "--ident" and "--trust", which will 
> >configure
> >pg_hba.conf with ident and trust authentication respectively. If trust
> >authentication is selected, a warning is written to 
> >pg_hba.conf. The old
> >switches for password prompt/file still apply.
> >
> >This one makes it mandatory to pick some kind of authentication. If
> >that's not wanted, it's easy to change it to default to trust (which I
> >think is wrong, but we've been through that already..)
> >
> >Oh, and this time, the comments are updated :-)
> >
> >//Magnus
> >
> >

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