Ok, here is another one.

Doc patches coming up if/when this one is approved.


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>Subject: Re: [PATCHES] initdb authentication
>I got a new idea on this.  I think we should add an initdb option that
>takes a string to specify the local authentication method:
>       initdb --localauth 'ident'
>or whatever the user wants.  I think this is more flexible and more
>compact.  It would default to 'trust', and the packagers could 
>set it to
>whatever they want.  If their OS supports local ident, they can use
>Also keep in mind you might want some ident map file:
>       initdb --localauth 'ident mymap'
>so you would need to allow multiple words in the string.
>Magnus Hagander wrote:
>> Here's a version of this patch that includes documentation updates.
>> //Magnus

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