Simon Riggs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> When archiver starts the FIRST thing it does is run a test to confirm
> that the command string works, so setting archive_command to '' would
> simply generate an error.

No, it would do no such thing; the test cannot really tell anything more
than whether system("foo") returns zero ... and at least on my machine,
system("") returns zero.  It certainly does not prove that any data went
to anyplace safe.

I diked that test out of the committed patch because I felt it cluttered
the archive area without actually proving anything of interest.  We can
revisit the point if you like.

> Also, I would suggest this:
> - changing archive mode requires a postmaster restart


> - changing archive command should just be a SIGHUP...

Check, as committed [and tested to work...]

                        regards, tom lane

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